Candida/Yeast Syndrome

Causes and Recommended Protocols

    Do you or anyone you know suffer from any of the following:  asthma, allergies, headaches, myalgia (achy muscles), fatigue, depression, anxiety, skin problems, PMS, menstrual problems, frequent yeast infections, chronic sinusitis, digestive problems, or environmental sensitivity?  Then please continue reading.

    If you display any of these symptoms you could be suffering from an overgrowth of yeast. Believe it or not more then 75 to 80% of adults suffer from this yeast overgrowth problem in some form.  Although more often recognized in women, yeast has also become fairly common in men and children.  Some symptoms described by men are jock itch, and athlete’s foot in children body and/or foot odor are apparent and specifically for little girls vaginal odor and/or itching can be prevalent.

    Pre-Disposing Factors that have been known to cause yeast overgrowth:

    • Long-term antibiotic use
    • Steroid use (prescription, or over the counter anti-inflammatory
      drugs known as NSAID‘s, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug's)
    • Immune dysfunction
    • Adrenal Hypofunction
    • Excess carbohydrates in the diet
    • Gastrointestinal or Digestive dysfunction resulting in inflammation
      of the gut and/or bacterial imbalance

    Although some people can try to alleviate this problem with diet alone it could take up to two years to achieve the desired results, and very few people have that kind of discipline.

    It has been my clinical experience that treating yeast overgrowth with homeopathic, herbs and/or nutritional therapies has been extremely successful.

    Yeast being a necessary part of our digestive system is kept in check by the immune system and the other bacterial flora.  In addition Yeast is Nature’s recycler; when we die it is no longer kept within acceptable levels by the immune system and is able to mutate into a fungal form that then begins decomposing our tissue.  If the immune system is compromised in anyway (see above list) the yeast is no longer kept in check and an overgrowth occurs.  This overgrowth will cause an imbalance in the gut and, the yeast begins to mutate into a mycelized fungus (filaments that radiate from the center), which, works its way out of the intestinal tract, where upon it is free to travel and feed on any organ it chooses if gone undetected or untreated.  The Candida merely begins doing its job prematurely (decomposing tissue) and, as you might suspect, disease, being opportunistic, will attack tissue that can no longer protect itself.

    A good analogy is moldy bread.  You see mold devouring the bread and if left long enough you would have nothing but blue dust.  This is similar to what Candida can do, when gone unrecognized, or misdiagnosed.

    Candida is not an infection but a mutation of naturally occurring yeast, which is why treating it naturally, and supporting the immune system, is the best approach; and making sure that the treatment extends through the incubation period.

    Candida/Yeast can also be sexually transmitted from one partner to the next, if the candida is active in the reproductive organs (vaginal infections, vaginal itching, jock itch or a prickly/itchy penis head).  Men transmit candida in the head of the penis and women through the vaginal canal.  With men all that needs to be done is to wash thoroughly before intercourse, however, with women a condom is the safest way to prevent transmission to your partner.  

    Patients that have the fastest results begin by eliminating foods like dairy and all grains (except rice), refined carbohydrates, caffeine, and processed food. (The rule here is if it sits on a shelf it’s processed.)  All forms of sugar should be avoided!

    A comprehensive diet and instructions should come with any Candida/Yeast Protocol from your licensed alternative care "practioner".


    Recommended Alternative Protocols for Candida/Yeast

    (All protocols come with recommended diet and eating alternatives)

    First phase of the recommended protocol is for 4 weeks:

    ADP 2 tablets taken 4 times daily the last dose is at bedtime; take until both bottles are empty*
    Emulsified extract of oregano in a sustained release form.  Useful in toxic bowel syndrome, parasites, candida and other fungal/yeast problems of the bowel and GI tract.  Also helps with upper respiratory bacterial or viral infections as well as most chronic/acute sinusitis.

    *First test your tolerance for the ADP protocol by taking 1 tablet with each meal and one at bedtime the first day.  If there are no side effects then continue with the recommended protocol above.

    Next phase is for 8 weeks:

    ADP 1 tablet taken 4 times daily with the last dose at bedtime.

    *Zymex 2 taken 3 times a day with meals for the first month then if progress is good this will be reduced to 2 tablets 2 times daily with meals.
    GI tract acidification, creates an environment in which the yeast cannot survive.  The enzymes also digest the yeast bacteria.  The incubation period for any yeast overgrowth is 12 weeks, so it is important to continue treatment for this length of time.

    *Cal-Amo 1 taken 3 times daily, taken with meals.
    An acid salt that acidifies the lymph system.  Yeast and/or infections cannot survive in an acid environment.

    *Spanish Black Radish 1 taken 3 times a day away from food.
    (Taken with a full glass of water)
    Purges the body of the pus, infection and waste that the yeast, or infections produce as it dies.

    Lactozyme 3 tablets after meals.
    Replenishes bowel flora lost due to overgrowth imbalance.

    *Some of the above products are not available for purchase on the Products page but you can order them by calling the Wellness Center at (800) 276-3409.

    Recommended Homeopathic Protocols for Candida/Yeast

    (All protocols come with recommended diet and eating alternatives)

    Days 1-12
    Biosode - Taken at bedtime only 1 capful
    Detoxosode O·S - 1 capful taken twice daily-once on arising and again at bedtime with the Biosode 

    Days 13-24
    Biosode - Continue as above
    Detoxosode Fungi ·Yeast  - 1 capful taken twice daily-once on arising and again at bedtime with the Biosode

    I suggest that when you finish the first half of the above remedies (days 1-12) you call the Wellness Center and together we can determine what your continued course of action would be.

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