What About MSM?

    MSM (Methyl sulfonyl Methane) has been advertised as "a natural form of organic sulfur", some have even called it the missing link. MSM is composed of the amino acids Methionine, Cysteine and Cystine which can be found in cellular proteins of all living organisms. This new craze that is hitting the Health Food Stores is nothing more then Sulfur, an essential part of the American diet that used to be in all of our fruits and vegetables when the top soil was rich with nutrients.

    MSM has been used by the medical community for sclerodema, urogenital tract problems, interstitial cystitis, and eczema. It has also been used extensively by Veterinarians for years for arthritic conditions.

    Sulfur is found in raw fruits, vegetables and some grains but is lost in cooking, food processing and storage. Also our top soil has become so depleted that there are no longer nutrients available, for absorption, by the food we do eat. Whole organic foods seem to be the only natural source of nutrients anymore, that or phytochemically bound food supplements, and that could work if no deficiencies have occurred.

    Sulfur bearing amino acids are the third largest chemical found in the body and is one of the bodyís most important antioxidants. However a little more information needs to be discussed so that you understand what is in the MSM thatís available in stores.

    Methionine is an essential amino acid, and as a sulfur-bearing amino acid it serves as a precursor to Cysteine, and it functions also as a donor (a compound that frees part of itself to unite with another compound) of methyl groups. This Cysteine is also a sulfur bearing amino acid, and it functions as the building block of glutathione, a primary antioxidant and detox agent within cells. Another ingredient found in MSM is Cystine which is the oxidized (insoluble) form of cysteine.

    Since Cystine is not available for absorption and since the cysteine can not be made other then by way of Methionine, I do not understand why it is included in the commercial brands, unless it is as a filler.

    The literature on MSM is very sparse, while there is a huge amount of literature on glutathione. MSM can be oxidized to sulfate, but it cannot be converted to cysteine, nor does it help detoxify heavy metal burdens which the natural form of sulfur can do.

    When the body is deprived of one or more chemical elements the tissue is weakened and health problems can develop. A Sulfur deficiency can result in fatigue and an increased susceptibility to allergies, muscle spasms and cramps, soreness, infection, arthritis, hair loss, numerous skin diseases as well as intestinal, kidney and bladder problems.

    Armed with this information it might be a good idea to find out if your body can even metabolize sulfur bearing amino acids efficiently, otherwise you could be throwing your money down the drain. It is always a good idea to consult with a holistic practitioner in this area about a Phase 2 Detox, or find out if your body even needs, or can absorb, this form of sulfur. Even a hypochlorhydric problem can exacerbate the problem with symptoms of gastric distress, bloating and gas, to name a few.

    We use a product called Methionine 200 (200 mg of DL-Methionine, 20 mg of L-Lysine, 5 mg of L-Cysteine), this natural photochemcially bound construction enables the body to absorb all the necessary amino acids that are utilized by the body with great success.

    Some Therapeutic Uses:

    • Anti-stress and anti-fatigue benefits
    • Strengthens hair and nails
    • Increases circulation
    • Reduces inflammation (good for arthritis)
    • Anti-aging and degenerative diseases
    • Antioxidant effects
    • Improves all skin problems
    • Prevents aging and most degenerative diseases
    • Kills certain parasites
    • Helps hair and skin problems
    • Good for some forms of depression
    • Copper and other Heavy Metal Body Burdens
    • Prevents Candida Overgrowth

    Of course this and other supplementation vary for all individuals, so consulting with DR. Locke, or your own health care practitioner is always the best way to approach your specific need.

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